Who uses FourSight?

FourSight has been used in may ways by many
different individuals and organisations all over the world.

Innovation practitioners, educators, executive coaches, team leaders, HR and OD professionals and management consultants use FourSight. So do professors, counselors and parents.

  • Innovation experts use to introduce corporate-wide innovation initiatives.
  • Team leaders use it to reduce conflict and boost performance.
  • Trainers use it to promote critical and creative thinking.
  • MBA students use it to build better teams.
  • Professors use it to teach innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • HR and OD professionals use it to support change initiatives.
  • Executive coaches use it to sharpen leadership skills.
  • Parents, spouses, and teens use it to understand their relationships.
  • In primary schools and further education FourSight is used to strengthen creative and innovative behavior in the classroom.